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April is National African-American Women’s Fitness Month

It’s spring and time to think about new beginnings.  National African-American Women’s Fitness Month encourages black women to think about the risks of a sedentary lifestyle and the benefits of activity and good nutrition.

The idea is to incorporate fun into your lifestyle.  Ten tips for the 2011 celebration include:

1. Assess where you are. What is your current level of physical activity?

2. Make an appointment with your health care provider.

3. Identify your fitness goals and make healthy lifestyle choices.

4. Visualize yourself in optimal health and reaching your fitness goals.

5. Start moving! Make a fitness schedule a part of your daily routine.

6. Include nutritious foods in your diet and drink plenty of water.

7. Find a buddy! Make fitness a family or friend affair.

8. Meditate, pray and maintain a positive attitude.

9. Select a hairstyle that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of exercise.

10. Love yourself and celebrate your fitness accomplishments.

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Enforcing Patient Privacy Regulations

University Medical Center – Tucson is receiving intense media scrutiny as it cares for the victims of the January 8 shootings as well as its routine patient population.  Despite this extra stress, it demonstrates successful administration of federal and state health care regulations with the termination of employees for breach of the hospital’s privacy policy.

According to the hospital statement posted January 12 none of the accessed information was released to the public.  Even so, the policy is that no one other than those staff authorized to do so may access patient medical records.  That policy also applies to contractors who are engaged by the hospital. Consequently, a hospital contractor terminated the employment of its nurse who also accessed patient information without authorization.

Patients have the right to the privacy of their personal healthcare information.  Hospitals are required to enforce it.  UMC-Tucson highlights how that works for both staff and contract employees.

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